Plan for 85 MPH Road Draws Safety, Fairness Concerns

On September 12, 2012, the Texas Tribune published an article regarding the Texas Transportation Commission’s recent approval of the highest speed limit in the country. The new State Highway 130 toll road will have an 85 mph speed limit in the section running from Austin to Seguin. The commission approved the speed limit on August 30, 2012.

Numerous critics are arguing against the implementation of the 85 mph speed limit. Groups such as the Governors Highway Safety Association and the American Trucking Association are calling on Texas to reverse the decision, stating that the new speed limit is too dangerous. Furthermore, the CEO of the American Trucking Association argues that higher speed limits may increase the risk of a catastrophic crash.

The new speed limit has also generated controversy for its effect on existing roadways in the Caldwell County area. Critics argue that the frontage road that will run alongside the new toll road has been assigned a low speed limit (55 mph) in an effort to encourage drivers to take the new toll road. Local officials are asking the Texas Department of Transportation to return the area road’s speed limit to 65 mph.

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