Catastrophic Personal Injury

Catastrophic injuries can strike without warning. In a split second, your life can be irrevocably changed. You may be harmed by a dangerous drug, seriously injured in an automobile accident or suffer paralysis as the result of a slip and fall accident. These accidents can occur anywhere, at any time, and to anyone.

While those responsible for your injury may act honorably, too often they do not. And while the law should be on your side when you are wronged, it’s not always. What’s more, laws that protected people in the past have been changed or reinterpreted to protect businesses, insurance companies and large corporations.

During these difficult times, we offer an empathetic ear and a compassionate perspective. More than just another catastrophic injury lawyer or ally, we are a legal force fueled by more than two decades of litigation experience commanding the attention of indifferent corporations.

Catastrophic personal injury cases are by nature complex and require specific knowledge and experience to investigate the accident and evaluate the evidence. The Law Offices of John David Hart has the experience and expertise to successfully handle these complex catastrophic personal injury cases. John David Hart has extensive experience representing victims and their families in a wide range of catastrophic personal injury cases.

Quick facts you should know about catastrophic injury

Catastrophic injuries may require long-term or lifetime care. They may be disabling or require extensive hospital stays.

A catastrophic injury attorney will seek recompense not just for medical bills but also diminished earning capacity, property damage if applicable, pain and suffering, and rehabilitation costs.

Examples of these types of injury include loss of limbs, burns, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, accidental blindness and deafness.

A catastrophic injury lawyer can help you obtain justice in the courtroom, whether against a business, individual, or insurance company. But they can also help you obtain government benefits and allow you to obtain support and compensation to the fullest degree.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic personal injury as the result of another’s negligence or wrongful conduct, please contact our firm at 1-800-247-1623 or for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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