Serious Car & Motorcycle Accidents

Despite the spiraling costs of fuel, automobile travel remains the nation’s most popular form of transportation. In turn, the number of catastrophic car and motorcycle accidents grows every year. In a split second, your life can change and you are left scared and confused with your injuries and a damaged vehicle. John David Hart is here to help you pick up the pieces.

Manufacturer Defects

Driver error is not the only cause of serious car accidents. Car manufacturers share liability when defective parts and safety features lead to devastating results. When victims’ rights are upheld, automobile and parts manufacturers will change dangerous design, marketing and manufacturing practices to provide safer products.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when a driver engages in any activity that takes his or her visual, manual or cognitive attention away from driving. Distracted driving includes: eating, grooming, texting, talking on a cell phone, changing the radio, reading a map or using a navigation system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes in 2010 alone. Despite efforts by multiple law enforcement agencies to enact laws banning distracted driving, almost half a million people are injured each year in distracted driving accidents.

Impaired Driving

Each year, thousands of innocent victims are injured in serious car and motorcycle accidents caused by impaired drivers. Impaired drivers choose to put the lives of others at risk by operating motor vehicles while impaired by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep.

With more than two decades of experience representing victims of serious automobile and motorcycle accidents, our firm has successfully engaged corporate manufacturers head-on to improve the safety of all travelers. We have battled insurance companies, fighting for our client’s right to compensation for injuries and damages due to another driver’s negligence and wrongdoing. For more than 26 years, The Law Offices of John David Hart has worked to recover compensation on behalf of the victims of serious automobile and motorcycle accidents.

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