FDA Approves Software Update that Identifies Potential Defibrillator Lead Fractures

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced approval of a software update from Medtronic that will help detect fractures of the company’s Sprint Fidelis cardiac defibrillator lead. The new software package will alert both patients and physicians of a potential lead fracture. This will enable early intervention and lower the risk of serious complications.

    Deadly Tolls: Sick truckers causing fatal wrecks

    WASHINGTON – Tractor-trailer and bus drivers in the United States have suffered seizures, heart attacks or unconscious spells behind the wheel that led to deadly crashes on highways. Hundreds of thousands of drivers carry commercial licenses even though they also qualify for full federal disability payments, according to a new U.S. safety study obtained by Continue Reading

    Oilfield Accident Prompts Lawsuit

    FORT WORTH – John David Hart of the Law Offices of John David Hart of Fort Worth and Simpson, Boyd & Powers of Decatur have filed suit on behalf of 29-year-old Larry Mullins, Jr.,