CDC Health Advisory Issued Due to Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to OxyElite Pro


On October 8, 2013, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) issued a Health Advisory for OxyElite Pro due to reports of acute hepatitis cases linked to the product’s use.  A number of previously healthy individuals developed acute hepatitis and sudden liver failure of unknown cause after using OxyElite Pro for weight loss or muscle building.  The CDC recommends increased vigilance by public health agencies and health care providers for patients diagnosed with hepatitis or liver failure following use of OxyElite Pro.


On September 9, 2013, the Hawaii Department of Health (“DOH”) was notified that seven patients had severe acute hepatitis and sudden liver failure of unknown cause.  The patients were previously healthy individuals.  Clinicians reported that all seven patients had used OxyElite Pro prior to illness onset.  45 patients have been identified in response to the DOH alert.  Of those, 29 patients, including the original seven, were confirmed to have acute hepatitis after using a nutritional supplement.  Of the 29 patients, 24 reported using OxyElite Pro during the 60 days prior to the onset of illness.  As a result, 1 patient died and 2 other patients received liver transplants.

Several individuals that developed hepatitis after use of OxyElite Pro from states outside Hawaii have been identified.  The CDC is collaborating with state health departments to collect additional information to determine if this is a nationwide outbreak.

Case Identification:

The CDC has set forth guidelines for health care providers to identify individuals who may have contracted hepatitis following use of a non-prescription weight loss or muscle building dietary supplement.  The guidelines for case identification are contained in the CDC Health Advisory at .

CDC Recommendations:

Clinicians evaluating patients with acute hepatitis should ask about consumption of dietary supplements as part of a comprehensive evaluation.  They should further report any patients meeting case identification guidelines to the local or state health department and the FDA’s Medwatch program.  The CDC also recommends that people who use dietary supplements should do so with caution and under the close supervision of a medical provider.

Legal Rights:

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