Shouldn’t Workplace Safety Come First?

When your loved one says goodbye in the morning and leaves for work, you shouldn’t have to worry that he or she might not return home safely that night.

Yet last year, Texas saw an increase in the number or workplace deaths:

As this article notes:

“Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that Texas had 480 workplace deaths in 2009, including 163 from transportation incidents and 93 from assaults or violent acts, such as robbery. The total number of deaths was 17 more than in 2008.”

At our law firm, we believe that safety must be the number one priority in the workplace. That’s certainly true in industries like oil and gas, drilling and trucking. A few months ago, we helped Larry Mullins and his family receive a $9.5 million settlement. Larry was injured when a truck positioning a mud pump used in drilling operations caused him to be pinned, resulting in crushed hips, pelvis and other internal injuries. He survived the injuries, but will need long-term financial security to compensate for his injuries. There are many others who do not survive workplace injuries.

If someone you love is killed or injured in the workplace, please consider contacting our office. No family should have to suffer such a tragedy. And no business should get away with allowing it to happen by failing to meet their responsibilities.

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