The United States Air Force has issued a warning to service men and women regarding the use of OxyElite Pro.  Many service men and women reportedly use dietary supplements for weight loss and muscle building, according to a recent post by the US Air Force.

Col. John Oh, the chief of Health Promotion, Air Force Medical Support Agency, Air Force Surgeon General, has recommended that any service men or women experiencing symptoms of hepatitis should seek immediate medical attention.

In addition, Col. Oh stated that the Air Force is suggesting that all airmen “get educated on dietary supplements thought Operation Supplement Safety, the Department of Defense dietary supplement education and safety campaign.

The website for Operation Supplement Safety (www.hprc-online.org/opss) offers information to educate military personnel and the public on the use of supplements and for information regarding specific supplements.  Operation Supplement Safety is a joint initiative between the Human Performance Resource Center and the Department of Defense to educate not only service men and women, but also healthcare providers and civilians regarding dietary supplements.   The site includes frequently asked questions, posters, handouts, checklists to determine if a supplement is harmful or not and information on how to avoid supplement scams.

The U.S. Marines have also issued a warning to its service men and women.  In addition, the Marines have removed OxyElite Pro from military base exchanges.