Texas agency OKs rule requiring drillers to disclose chemicals used in fracking

On December 14, 2011, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published an article regarding the Texas Railroad Commission’s recent passage of a rule that requires oil & gas companies disclose the chemicals and water volumes used in their hydraulic fracturing of wells, a process that is also known as “fracking.” The Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Disclosure rule was enacted to increase the public’s awareness of the chemicals that go into the ground during the “fracking” process. The rule requires oil & gas companies to disclose this information on a website available to the public (

The process of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” involves the pumping of chemicals and high concentrations of water and sand into a well, creating small cracks in the rock that allow oil and gas to surge to the surface. Some environmental groups have voiced concerns in the past that the “fracking” process could contaminate groundwater. The new rule requires disclosure of chemicals (not concentrations) and water volumes used in this process.

The Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid rule is of great importance, particularly in Texas, the state that boasts over 40% of new U.S. wells this year alone. North Texas is also home to the nation’s second largest gas-producing region, the Barnett Shale. However, Texas is not the only state to pass a fracking disclosure rule. Colorado approved a rule that requires public disclosure of the chemicals and concentrations used in the “fracking” process.

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