Oil & Gas Litigation

The oil and gas industry has long been synonymous with the Texas economy. Today, with oil prices increasing volatile, worker protection and safety is of paramount concern. Changing operations leads to a variety of questions about workers’ safety, wage & hour protection and liability issues. Litigation may be necessary to resolve catastrophic injury, wrongful death cases, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) claims.

Oil & gas litigation is itself a complex art, demanding an advanced understanding of both industries as well as the full spectrum of legal expertise. John David Hart’s first-hand experience as a roughneck on land and offshore rigs and years of experience relentlessly pursuing the best outcome for our clients, allows our firm to provide the broad expertise needed from a Texas oil and gas attorney to succeed in this type of case. John David Hart possesses the sophisticated understanding of the entire oil and gas industry needed to successfully litigate oil and gas litigation.

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