Important Information Regarding the Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guides Recall

On April 10, 2013, Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Corporation initiated a Class I recall of their ShapeMatch Cutting Guides.  The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides are single-use, disposable cutting guides intended to help a surgeon mark the bone before cutting during a total knee replacement surgery.  The guides ultimately assist the surgeon in the positioning of the total knee replacement components.  The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides were used in conjunction with the Stryker Triathlon Knee System.  The cutting guides are manufactured for patients individually based on imaging studies of the patients’ knee.

The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides were manufactured and distributed from May 2011 to November 2012.  The ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was used exclusively with the Stryker Triathlon Knee System.  However, the Stryker Triathlon Knee System is not subject to a recall.  You may be experiencing pain and complications with your knee implant due to a defect in the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide that caused your knee implant to be improperly positioned.

If you know the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide and Stryker Triathlon knee implant was used during your surgery and you are experiencing pain, Stryker is recommending that you contact your orthopedic surgeon immediately to schedule an appointment.  Even if you’re not experiencing pain, an evaluation by your surgeon may be beneficial since it is possible that you may develop symptoms at a later date.  It is important that you protect your legal rights against the manufacturer for damages including but not limited to, possible future complications, physical impairment, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish and other legal remedies that may be available to you.

If you are unsure which type of knee implant you have, we recommend that you contact your surgeon.  Your doctor should be able to identify the brand of knee implant and if the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was used during your surgery.  I would suggest calling your surgeon’s office to inquire.  You may also want to contact the hospital where your surgery took place to obtain a copy of the operative report and implant labels from your surgery.

It is imperative that you know and understand your legal rights.  John David Hart and the Law Offices of John David Hart represent individuals in the United States who have been injured as a result of the defective Stryker ShapeMatch Cutting Guides.  The Law Offices of John David Hart is a group of experienced and dedicated legal professionals working to protect the rights of people wronged by the acts of others.  Across the country, the firm represents individuals in cases of catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, dangerous drugs and medical products, automobile and truck accidents and oil and gas litigation.  For more information, please contact John David Hart at 1-800-247-1623 or or visit

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