F.D.A. Investigates Multistate Outbreak of Cyclosporiasis

On August 6, 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) issued updated information on the recent outbreak of cyclosporiasis occurring in several states in the country. Cyclospora is a parasite that causes an infection of the intestines known as cyclosporiasis. This parasite is passed into the body by ingesting either food or water that has been contaminated with cyclospora. Symptoms of cyclosporiasis include diarrhea, stomach cramps, weight loss, and possibly flu-like symptoms.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 466 cases of cyclospora infection have been identified across the United States, and include cases in Texas. Recent analyses from health departments in Iowa and Nebraska indicate that the source of the infection in those states may come from contaminated salad mixes used in restaurants such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster. These salad mixes were supplied by Taylor Farms de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V., a Mexican food processor.

The F.D.A. and CDC continue to investigate the sources of the outbreak in all the affected locations. Both agencies encourage consumers to handle food in a safe manner and to wash hands thoroughly when handling food. Likewise, produce should always be washed thoroughly before eating. Furthermore, consumers are encouraged to visit their doctors if they experience any diarrhea that persists for more than three days.

See the F.D.A. outbreak information:

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