Trucking Accident Regulations

Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Trucking Regulations

Most of the federal laws dealing with the trucking industry can be found within Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. These regulations and other federal statutes result in federal law applying to trucking accidents (and that may bring a trucking accident case into federal court). There is also a vast variety of state laws that may apply in a truck accident case. The complete documentation for Title 49 can be found here.

Many of the sections of the code relevant to federal trucking regulations and safety can be found below.

382 Controlled substances and alcohol use and testing
383 Commercial driver’s license standards; requirements and penalties
384 State compliance with commercial driver’s license program
385 Safety fitness procedures
386 Rules of practice for motor carrier, broker, freight forwarder, and hazardous materials proceedings
387 Minimum levels of financial responsibility for motor carriers
388 Cooperative agreements with States
389 Rulemaking procedures–Federal motor carrier safety regulations
390 Federal motor carrier safety regulations; general
391 Qualifications of drivers
392 Driving of commercial motor vehicles
393 Parts and accessories necessary for safe operation
395 Hours of service of drivers
396 Inspection, repair, and maintenance
397 Transportation of hazardous materials; driving and parking rules
398 Transportation of migrant workers
399 Employee safety and health standards

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